Jatropha Growing Climate

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Jatropha Growing Climate

Temperature is an important aspect of climate and can be used to grade climatic zones on a scale of five:

1. Tropical, with annual and monthly averages above 20° C (68° F);
2. Subtropical, with 4 to 11 months above 20° C, and the balance between 10° and 20° C (50° to 68° F);
3. Temperate, with 4 to 12 months at 10° to 20° C, and the rest cooler;
4. cold, with 1 to 4 months at 10° to 20° C, and the rest cooler; and
5. Polar, with 12 months below 10° C.

The Jatropha can be grown in all countries falling under tropical, subtropical zones and in certain countries fall in temperate climate. Also in certain areas of Arid  and sub-Arid regions As per Vegetation Classification it grows in the selva, or equatorial rain-forest belt, the hot tropical belt and in the savanna region perfectly

The list of countries qualified for Jatropha fuel crop