04.01- Fulfillment Service from chisen group for food&beverage products

Fulfillment Services and Solutions


Benefit from the full range of turnkey, cost effective fulfillment services and solutions to achieve your goals and propel your business to success. 受益于全方位一站式、性价比高的代工履行服务和解决方案,以此来实现你的目标并推动你的事业走向成功。

Fulfillment Centre 包装加工中心

10.04 Fullfilment Centre from Chisen Group

International Fulfillment from the Shenzhen, China 


Make your international distribution smooth and easy with a turnkey international fulfillment package from Chisen Group ( TCG ) 锦仁集团持股的天吉公司提供的全方位国际代工包装服务,让您的国际分销变得顺畅和容易

01- Fulfillment Service from chisen group for food&beverage products

If your shipping worldwide, you know that international fulfillment can be a complicated process. From choosing a shipping method to ensuring the order passes through customs, CHISEN has a proven ability to minimize the stresses of international distribution. 如果您的发货遍布全球,您就会知道,国际代工是一个复杂的过程。从选择运输方式到确保订单通关放行,锦仁已经在这方面证实了能将国际分销压力降到最低的能力。

Food and Beverage Fulfillment-食品和饮料代工服务

CHISEN Fulfillment Services is a leading provider of food and beverage fulfillment services. 锦仁代工服务是一家领先的食品和饮料代工服务供应商。