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With Chisen Group Fulfillment Services you can rest assured that your fulfillment warehouse is in expert hands. As a complete fulfillment warehouse solution, we offer world class service and support.

TGC Fulfillment ( Our fulfillment centre name) has the capability and flexibility to manage your distribution and build your brand in a cost-effective way. Our complete fulfillment solutions help you attain higher customer satisfaction and loyalty through fast, accurate, reliable processing and shipping of your products.

Beginning with the receiving process to the confirmation of shipment, a professional and highly controlled environment is maintained. Our warehouse is equipped to ship by any carrier and to make use of all techniques of optimizing delivery metrics to ensure the most efficient means of delivery.

We are also equipped to assemble, kit, gift wrap, prepare personalized messages with packages, provide specialized inserts, customized packing slips, and innovative packaging solutions.


Fast and Accurate Shipping is a keystone of customer satisfaction. Chisen Group Fulfillment Services ( TCG) has designed and implemented the most flexible, efficient and dependable fulfillment shipping platform in the business. With excellent on-time performance coupled with great presentations to your customers, TCG recreates the quality of an in-house service. With our advanced shipping logic and our access to the widest range of carriers, we assure you that your products are delivered at the best cost and value available. Day in and out we supply the vital services and support necessary to manage your business cost effectively.

Late day cut-offs for fast shipping
Custom made-to-order packaging
Special promotions, inserts, and gift wrapping ability
Custom packing slips with advertising and promotion flexibility
A wide range of box, bag and carton options
Environmentally friendly void fill, dunnage, and fiber reinforced tape.
Best way shipping for geolocation and carrier rate shopping to deliver the lowest cost per shipment.
Real-time views of service level performance

International Fulfillment from the Shenzhen, China


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