Food & Beverage

Ingredients, resources, and expertise for creating successful food and beverage products

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Meat & Poultry

We provide food producers, retailers and foodservice operators with wholesome meat and poultry products all around the globe.

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Origination, processing, marketing and distribution services

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Health Care

The leader in quality medical supplies, home medical equipment and health care products.

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01.01 Bioindustrial from Wrangler Limited & Chisen Group

Nature-derived chemistries to increase performance and profitability for industrial applications

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01.03 Industrial from Wrangler Limited & Chisen Group

Salt and deicing solutions, metal and steel trading

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Fulfillment Services and Solutions

The third party fulfillment service solution.

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01.01 Risk Management from chisen group
Price Risk Management

Together, we can minimize uncertainty, maximize opportunity and manage price risk with confidence.

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01.01 Transportation & Logistic from chisen group
Transportation & Logistic

Handle more shipments, improve load and route planning

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